cooling fan for rooms

When you envision a cooling fan for rooms rotating, perhaps a little café in a tropical paradise comes to mind. However, they can be very beneficial just about anywhere.

There are numerous businesses for which rooms cooling fans can make a big difference. A few of them are: greenhouses, barns, manufacturing facilities, offices, warehouse facilities

Health Reasons

Many people are negatively affected by air conditioning. The conditioners rely on coils that cool the air. Pans catch water that condenses from the heat exchange. The moisture made and caught can be a nesting ground for mold. It is then dispersed throughout the room or building in the air vents circulating the cool air. Mold is not the only concern. Bacteria and other tiny particles can be trapped inside.

An air conditioner is a closed unit. Without an outside air source, a unit for central air conditioning will push around these allergens again and again, keeping them trapped. Fans, combined with exhausts and intakes throughout the building, are able to refresh the air.

Lower Energy Costs

Air conditioners and heaters are expensive to run. This is especially true if the air is not the same temperature in all portions of the space to be heated or cooled. Circulating the air using the best cooling fans for rooms will use less energy, and your electricity bill will be lower.

It may seem counter-intuitive to use a fan during winter. Recall that heat moves upward. When the central heat adds warmth to a space in a building, the top of the room becomes warmer, as the bottom becomes cooler. When all the warm air is at the top of the room, it naturally rises through the ceiling and roof and is lost. That air can be gently circulated toward the bottom. This will reduce the number of times a heater must be engaged to keep the lower reaches warm, thus saving maintenance expenses.

In summer months, when the cooled air falls to the lower half of a large room, the workers in the top half could still be very uncomfortable, regardless of how often the air conditioner runs. This is why some ceiling units have reverse gears in them, so the air is pushed downward, instead of getting pulled upward.

As the seasons change, the motors can be switched to the opposite setting, allowing a more stable temperature all year long.

Environmental Control

When small changes in the environment make a big difference, such as the case in a greenhouse, a room cooling fan is extremely beneficial. In a greenhouse, the temperatures can vary over thirty degrees from floor to ceiling. If there are plants on the floor, on the benches and hanging from the ceiling, circulation of air would keep a more consistent temperature on all levels. It would also help reduce excess humidity in the air. This benefit also holds true for barns filled with animals, grain or hay.

In all, cooling fans for rooms are an excellent way to promote fresh air, reduce humidity and lower energy costs. They can be used in winter and summer.