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These ceiling fans for rooms reviews will help you to choose the best bathroom light for your needs.

Cooling fans with for rooms not only saves space and money, it also provides dual functionality. Extractor fans and mobility. If you have a separate shower room or toilet, you can also use these as shower fans or as toilet fans.

Ceiling Fans Buyer’s Guide

For many home owners with big rooms they have to decide how to go about cooling their rooms with ceiling fans. Many people think that having a big room rules out the possibility of using ceiling fans. This article aims to give some information on the use and installation of ceiling fans in big rooms. This means that we don’t want to simply consider the actual fans but also think about other aspects such as installation and power consumption.

The first thing to think about before we go on is to consider the size of the room or rooms involved. This is the most important aspect because ceiling fans are designed to cool a certain area of room depending on their blade size. As you would expect the longer the fan blade then the more powerful the effect of the fan rotation and the larger the room that can be cooled. Don’t forget that when we talk about cooling, we are not really talking about a reduction in actual room temperature but more the apparent lowering in temperature due to air movement.

As well as longer blades there are different motor powers available. The larger the power rating of the fan then once again the greater the apparent cooling effect. Larger blades will require a larger motor. So there is an overall trade off between the size of room and the cost of running the fan with regards electricity.

What size of room are we talking about when we are using the term ‘big room’? The figures that are usually specified by manufacturers is that blades of 3 feet or 36 inches are required in order to ventilate a room with an area of 100 square feet. For larger areas then you need to consider larger fan blades.

The other possibility to choose if the room is big enough is to install two ceiling fans. As long as they are reasonably far apart then they can work in tandem to produce a better cooling effect. Obviously the cost of installation will be increased as will the cost of running the fans. A good idea is often to use ceiling fans that can be controlled via a remote control. This almost always results in cost savings because the user is more likely to reduce the speed of the fans if it is comfortable to do so. A wall mounted control means having to get out of your seat and this is something that people want to do too regularly, particularly when the weather is hot.

Ceiling Fans For Rooms – Benefits

Ceiling fans obviously provide air circulation to your house. They can come with a variety of shades and housing made from glass or heat resistant plastic. There are also bathroom ventilation fans which come with a built in bathroom heater. These types of bathroom exhaust fans are a cost effective way of heating the bathroom, however the price range of a fan heater will be higher.

A room fan can also come in many different styles. You can pick one that is going to suit your decor, whether it is traditional or a more contemporary design. Whichever you opt for, you can be sure there is going to be a model amongst the many room fans which is going to enhance the look of your room. Read more about cooling fans benefits.

Minka Aire Acero Ceiling Fan – Give Your Room A Retro Look And Feel

If you want to create an ambience inside your living room with retro look and feel along with the touch of the latest technology, then this Minka Aire Acero ceiling fan would be your ultimate choice. It can satisfy people easily with its stunning design as well as outstanding performance. Minka Aire is one of the best ceiling fans brands in the market.

Minka Aire has reached the pinnacle of success with its continuous production of customized ceiling fans, hence has become the leading ceiling fan industry in the world.

cooling fans for rooms

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It always redefines the definition of formal industrial ceiling fans. It follows up to date engineering while designing its schema. It appoints innovative and creative designers to provide perfect blend of modern technology with trendy or retro style in designing ceiling fan.

Minka Aire Acero ceiling fan with its model F601 comes with 3 concave blades and 52″ blade span size. It is ideal choice for more spacious living room with minimum ceiling height of 95.5″ as its down rod is 3.5″ to 6″ long.

Its total height comes with its light kit around 14.5″ and it could not be flush mounted. It has adaptable slope up to 30° incline and blade pitch of 14°. It is not suitable for outdoor as doesn’t have adaptability to wet condition.

Besides unparallel retro style design Minka Aire Acero ceiling fan has great diversity in its combination of colours and finishing touch like Brushed Steel, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze etc.

Its main body and blades are available in great combination for example, its Brushed Steel body with Brushed Nickel blades, Oil Rubbed Bronze body with Mahogany blades, Brushed Steel body with Mahogany blades and Brushed Nickel body Silver blades etc.

This Acero fan has one built-in mini can halogen light fixture which has one bulb of 100w. The light can create an excellent atmosphere inside your living room with its dimmer control feature. It could be covered with glass cover while it is not in use.

It is wall controlled with WC212 AireControl Full Functional Wall Control. It provides 3 controlled speeds in forward as well as reverse direction thus it can be completely reversible.

According to performance level Minka Acero ceiling fan runs smoothly and quietly without creating much noise in the room. It has long durability. It can create enough cooling breeze inside the room and has less power consumption feature. It’s a moderate efficient fan.

Minka Aire Acero fan is easy to install thus charges less time and less labour cost. Its price range also suits people’s budget of bespoke ceiling fan.

Minka Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan With Twisted Blade Enthrals World

ceiling fan

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is one of the best contemporary as well as elegant bespoke fans. With its high quality, latest technology and unparallel design it gives an attitude to the modern decor. It provides excellent air circulation and thus fast cools of the room.

It’s characteristic of Minka Aire to redefine the definition of conventional ceiling fans. It always proves its innovative and creative design as well as technology with every new model and style of ceiling fan. It has become the leading ceiling fan industry in the world with its grand success. Minka Aire Artemis ceiling fan is one of its extremely stylish and customized ceiling fans.

Minka Aire Artemis fan with its model F803 comes in twisted blades and built-in mini can halogen light fixture which has one bulb of 100 W. The light could be covered with Etched Opal Glass cover. It is wall controlled with WC212 Aire Control Full Functional Wall Control. It provides 3 controlled speeds and it’s completely reversible.

Total height of Minka Artemis ceiling fan comes with down rod of 3.5 to 6″ long and light kit around 12″. Its blade span size is 58″. It has varied blade pitch. This is best fit for little more spacious room and of higher ceiling. This fan can only be standard mounted and used for indoors.

Artemis ceiling fan is available in excellent combination of colours and finishes like High Gloss White, Red, Black, Maple, Copper Bronze, Mahogany, Translucent Acrylic and Liquid Nickel etc. Its fascinating Liquid Nickel finish stuns everyone.

Better to say it has created a landmark in the world of ceiling fan with its liquid design. It reflects the same liveliness of Liquid Nickel and looks like shinny mercury. Translucent Acrylic finish has also stunning effect.

Nowadays, shopping online is the latest fad among the internet savvy people. There are innumerable online stores that stock Minka Artemis fan. However, we discover that Amazon.com is the best among the lot.

Hunter 23980 Bayview 54 – White or Provencal Gold

When I’m looking at the pros and cons of different ceiling fans in the marketplace, it never ceases to amaze me how the performance can vary from model to model. This is one reason why it is just as important to look at the efficiency and other specifications as much as looks. Obviously looks must also play a big part in your choice because ceiling fans are generally centrally placed in the room and thus are very visible.

If there is one manufacturer that combines looks and performance better than any other, it is Hunter. Take the ceiling fan I am discussing in this review, the Hunter 23980 Bayview 54 inch. Just by looking at it you can see it is a high-quality product. In addition to the quality this fan is great value for money considering the great deals I have discovered.

What we liked most of all about the Hunter 23980 Bayview:

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UL Damp Listed – ideal for patios, sun rooms and porches

WhisperWind motor ensures very quiet operation

High air flow – 6,419 CFM

Installer’s choice 3-position mounting system – standard, flush or angled

Manufactured using stainless steel hardware

Hunter 23980 Bayview – A Beautiful Fan That Works Flawlessly

The Hunter 23980 Bayview ceiling fan combines traditional looks and state-of-the-art cooling technology to provide the best damp rate ceiling fan on the market. Wherever you decide to install it, this fan will enhance the area and leave you feeling cool and relaxed. Hunter has got the design of this fan right. Even the installation is simple and should take anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge about half an hour to install. The installation instructions are written clearly and leave nothing to guesswork.